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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Does your company offer countertops? 

Answer: Yes, we work with a company that does granite and quartz countertops.  Our representatives can help give you an idea on selection and pricing.  

Does your company paint cabinets? 

Answer: No, our process is different from painting.  We provide new doors and drawer fronts.  The cabinet boxes themselves are covered in a veneer, not a paint.  

How does your pricing compare to painting and new cabinetry?

Answer: Our pricing is pretty middle ground.  Painting is the cheapest option.  New cabinetry is usually double to triple our price.  

Do you offer cabinet storage solutions?

Answer: Yes, we offer a wide range of storage solutions.  From pullouts to organizational racks and inserts we have it all!

Can I get glass inserts for my doors? 

Answer: Yes, if we are refacing your cabinets we can install doors with glass.  If you are just wanting new glass, or glass inserts for existing cabinetry that is NOT something we offer.  

Can I buy doors or raw materials from your company? 

Answer: No, we are a full service company meaning that we will install our own materials.  We do not sell individual doors or veneer.  Additionally, we do not sell hardware.  

Do you reface bathrooms, laundry rooms, or closets? 

Answer: Sometimes.  If we are refacing your kitchen, we can take on additional projects.  If looking to do one of these areas without the kitchen we might not be able to assist you.  Unfortunately, some projects are too small for us and we cannot take on everything. Please contact our office or email for more information.  

Do you offer under cabinet lighting? 

Answer: No, this is not something that we cannot install.  However, we can help prep for this if we are refacing your kitchen.  It is best to contact an electrician for this need. 

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