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Our company has been family owned and operated by Jim and Sue Dowd since 2002.  Cincinnati Cabinet Refacing was formed to provide a cost efficient and high quality product.  We operate with respect towards our customers and strive to give them the highest quality of service.  It is because of all this that we are recipients of the Better Business Bureau Award.  


Providing customers with new products and trends is at the core of our company's values.  Along with this, our environmental Green initiative is a cornerstone.  Refacing allows us to reuse cabinets and give them new life.  Sustainable resources help to save the planet and cut down on waste.  We strive to reduce our carbon footprint one kitchen at a time.  


At Cincinnati Cabinet Refacing, we strive as a team to ensure customer satisfaction.  This is shown through high quality service, products, and practices.  We are more than a company.  We are your neighbor helping to increase the love for your home and its value!

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